How Has Technology Helped HR Evolve?

  • 20-12-2018

Connecting with people has never been an easy task — but when you’re in Human Resources (HR), it’s something you have to work on everyday. The HR professional is required to not just consistently find new connections, but to also keep them maintained, especially if they’re within the organization. One can only imagine how tedious this job must be, as it requires constant human interaction as well as substantial amounts of paperwork and filing.

In the modern day, however, the job of an HR professional has been supplemented by the influx of innovations in technology. Smartphones, laptops, apps — all these have helped in keeping an regularly updated network of people, in keeping files centralized and easily accessible, and even in making paperwork — probably the most dreaded task in the world — a bit more bearable.

Here is how technology has revolutionized HR:


Prior to the internet, scouting for applicants was a far more elaborate process — job vacancies had to be written out on print, sent to print publications, and distributed by these publications before interested applicants could find them. Organizations also used networking to try to get the news around, but ultimately HR recruiters did not have the ability to post a job vacancy in one or more places and have millions of people see it at once. The internet’s massive capability to reach out and connect has made recruiting much more efficient and effective.

Linkedin and Bayt are examples of websites that help connect HR professionals to relevant job applicants. Job posts are grouped according to category, applicants can both edit their profiles for recruiters to see and apply to jobs themselves. Internet correspondence allows people to email each other for interviews and follow-up questions, and even Skype each other for an interview in the event that the applicant is in a remote location.

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HR professionals can now choose from a variety of apps, such as SharePoint and Huddle, to assist them in storing and accessing company information and training programs. Centralized apps like these help eliminate the need for trainers to work directly with new hires on all training. Some interactions will always remain necessary, but training via virtual classrooms makes it possible for the HR professionals to train a large number of employees quickly and to track their progress through digital testing programs.

Examples of these apps are Mindflash and Udemy. Mindflash allows users to create courses, add quizzes, manage trainees, and track results anytime, while Udemy can be used to access many topics guided by industry experts and real world practitioners. Presentations, training materials, and articles are available here.

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Data Storage & Retrieval

A considerable bulk of an HR professional’s job is to process paperwork and keep it on file for long periods of time. With electronic imaging, however, companies can now store and retrieve files in electronic format in apps like SharePoint and Google Drive. This technology, in addition to providing safe and efficient storage, also makes it possible for HR professionals to quickly print forms needed for employees. Printing on demand eliminates the need to look through copious amounts of files in the file cabinet to find what is needed.

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Performance Management

HR professionals can use computer technology to assess employee performance as well as get employee feedback for the betterment of the organization. Software programs such as BambooHR and Trakstar make it possible for them to examine employee performance using metrics to ensure that employees are regularly meeting performance standards. If these employees don’t measure up, it can be detected sooner and they can either be subjected to additional training or let go so the company can find a replacement who can take over the job.

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An organization’s HR system is responsible for an organization’s culture, and technology has augmented both the HR system’s reach as well as its impact on the workforce. As the race for innovation continues, we could be looking at even more helpful creations in the near future — such as the use of Virtual Reality (VR) in training and testing; the role of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in actively screening CV’s and resumes; and even the start of a tracking tech called the Wearables, which allow employers to track and gain insight on their employee’s behavior and interactions through badges.

Technology has helped HR move to the next level by taking over the routine tasks that used to occupy the professional’s day — and we’re looking forward to seeing it enhance their roles even further.

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